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The Official Blogsite of UAP Manila Corinthian Chapter

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

UAP Manila Corinthian Chapter History (Initial Draft)

Taken from : THE 20 YEARS OF THE MANILA CORINTHIAN: A Capsule Perspective
By: Arkimarl, Ang Panggulo

KEN: 1990-1991; 1991-1992  
> The idea of putting up a UAP chapter composed of Architects in academic institutions was the brainchild of its founding president, Arch. Quintin Estioko, Sr., a National University (NU) alumnus and board topnotcher;
> The proposed name for this Chapter was “Academe” in view of the kaleidoscopic membership, having come from various schools in Metro Manila. However, later the founding members realized that such a title cannot be adopted without due regard of the numerous architects who were also in the academe. Since it would be a difficult task to convince all other mentors from other schools to enlist in the new chapter, an alternative name was therefore needed, and this is how the word “Corinthian” came into the picture. It is a word that is no doubt “architecture” besides having a touch of class, being the most ornate capital of the Greek Orders;
> The Manila Corinthian Chapter was chartered by the UAP under the administration of National President Arch. Angel Lazaro in September 29, 1989, but the formal awarding was given on May 18, 1990, under the administration of National President Arch. Chito Alcordo through its Committee on Chapter Organization headed by Arch. Debbie Contreras.
> QR Estioko Sr., served as Chapter president for two consecutive terms (FY 1990-1991, FY 1991-1992), after which he resigned from Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP-Manila) and opted to live a life of semi-retirement, shuttling every now and then from the Philippines to Canada or Australia.

FRED: 1992-1993; 1993-1994
> One of the former Chapter vice presidents, Arch. Wilfredo G. Gacutan, was chosen as the 2nd Chapter President. He also served for two consecutive terms (FY 1992-1993, FY 1993-1994). About this time, some of the mentors had been deserting TIP in search for new friends, better pay and other greater opportunities. The founding members, Archs. Caloy Ilustre and Doods Argamino joined the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) while W.G. Gacutan and Arch. Ronnie Desierto pioneered the Architecture Department of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM).
> With the efforts of WG Gacutan and Archs. Illustre, and Vic Quesea, the Chapter became instrumental in the formation and formal recognition of the Intramuros Chapter, a Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) - based chapter. Although all alumni of Mapua Institute of Technology, they decided not to join the Intramuros Chapter and opted to stay in Manila Corinthian Chapter.
GABBIE: 1994-1995; 1995-1996
> Arch. Gabriel Ma. A.B. Cascante, a second batch member, finished his term in TIP faculty when Chapter Secretary Arch. Rizaldy Crispino died in January of 1993. GMAB Cascante served as secretary until the end of WG Gacutan’s second term before becoming himself the 3rd Chapter president for two consecutive fiscal years (FY 1994-1995, FY 1995-1996). GMAB Cascante joined the PLM faculty together with another TIP alumnus, Arch. Zaldy Bocalan. PLM Architecture Department then was headed by WG Gacutan;
> The past years have been crucial in the life of the UAP Manila Corinthian Chapter, since majority of its membership had been inactive except for a few who were willing to create noise and fly the banner of the Corinthian;
> It was during the administrations of WG Gacutan and GMAB Cascante when the statement “Dalawampu kami” had been a byword in every UAP Activities but the truth of the matter, they were referring to the attendees “Dalawa po kami (Gacutan and Cascante);
> It is to the credit of WG Gacutan and GMAB Cascante that the Manila Corinthian has survived and that a handful of figures have even become visible in the UAP national scene;
> The popularity of the Manila Corinthian Chapter was further enhanced when Archs. Ilustre and Gaspar assumed the UAP Post editorship of the UAP national administration during these fiscal years.

ABE: 1996-1997; 1997-1998
> It was during the administration of the 4th Chapter President Arch. Vicente Abe A. Relleve that the UAP Manila Corinthian Chapter membership has reached more than 50. VAA Relleve attributed these accomplishments to the efforts of WG Gacutan and GMAAB Cascante at PLM and the unmatched recruitment efforts of Arch. Annie Corpus-Pugeda at TIP Manila;
> It was during VAA Relleve’s administration that the Corinthian Chapter opened its doors to members who belong to other specialties like planning, design, construction management, consultancy, among others, though majority of its members were still in the academe;
> Several Programs were launched within the framework of Profession, Professional and Professional Organization;
> The VAA Relleve’s Programs were focused on Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and Academic Excellence. Notable projects under these programs were CPE Seminars and Scholarship Grant to deserving Architecture students.
> Chapter President VAA Relleve served UAP-MCC for 2 consecutive terms (FY 1996-1997, FY 1997-1998)

VIC: 1998-1999; 1999-2000
> It was during the administration of the 5th Chapter President Arch. Vicente L. Quesea that the UAP-MCC suffered Chapter Fiscal Crisis due to lack of corporate sponsorships, and yet VL Quesea managed the Chapter in surviving the financial turmoil;
> Though activities were held less often than the previous administration, VL Quesea, an MIT alumnus and NU faculty, still managed to continue the CPE Seminars and Scholarship Program.
> Chapter President VL Quesea served UAP-MCC for 2 consecutive terms (FY 1998-1999, FY 1999-2000)

LILY: 2000-2001
> The administration of the 6th Chapter President Arch. Ma. Libertad SJ Cantiller attained a Milestone in the history of Corinthian for being the 1st Lady Chapter President;
> CPE Seminars and intensive Technical Product Presentations were conducted;
> The publication of Corinthian Updates was revived through Arch. George H. Pilapil;
> Project Networking was revived and through Arch. Pilapil, it was launched as TEN28 Corinthian Architects (formally conceived on the 28th of October 2000).

ARKIMARL: 2001-2002; 2002-2003; 2003-2004        
 > The result of the Chapter Election held for the Fiscal Year 2001-2002 was a manifestation of the general membership’s reformed preference in choosing their leaders. Majority of the elected officers belong to a younger generation, full of ideals and dynamic energy in serving the Chapter. While the other young-at-heart officers, with their solid experiences in Chapter governance, served as guiding light and leadership inspiration;
> President-elect, Arch. George H. Pilapil was not officially inducted due to his work commitment in the Middle East, which eventually led to his family’s migration. Hence, by virtue of succession provided by the UAP By-Laws, Vice President-elect Arch. Marlou B. Campaner assumed the presidency and was officially inducted as the 7th Chapter President;
> In his first assumption to presidency, MB Campaner, a graduate of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila and 1st Placer of the June 1998 Architecture Board Examinations, spearheaded the Chapter Planning Session for the FY 2001-2002, wherein the following were formulated: Vision-Mission-Goals; and the Plans-Programs-Activities. His experiences as City Planning & Project Development Officer of Manila were utilized in successfully formulating and implementing these plans. However, these were not completely documented in his first term;
> The first term of MB Campaner was focused on chartering the journey, retrieving archival files and documentations, holding traditional activities, and preparing Long-Range Comprehensive Chapter Development Plan;

> During his first term, MB Campaner attempted to revive the group of design-practicing Corinthian Architects, the TEN28. Though its first design project, The Proposed Redevelopment of Pasay Public Market was carried-out by the rest of the members of the group, it gradually vanished from the limelight when the team leader Arch. Pilapil finally migrated to the Middle East. Another project under the thrust, Labor to have an Earning, was Opportunities plus Alternatives: Task Force Kooperatiba. This was spearheaded by Arch. Caloy Ilustre but after a series of consultation meetings in crafting its work program, it only reached the launching stage due to unavailability of funds;

> It was only on his Second Term F.Y. 2002-2003 that MB Campaner formally launched the Comprehensive Program of UAP-MCC with the theme: “LABOR OF LOVE, LABOR TO HAVE: Unveiling Alternatives in the Profession”. His administration further resolved to work on a two-fold thrust: LABOR OF LOVE FOR LEARNING vis-à-vis LABOR TO HAVE AN EARNING. This Program was anchored on the framework of 4Ps: Profession, Professional, Professional Organization, and Professional Product. Likewise, 8-Focus Projects and 3-Special Projects were identified and implemented;

> During the Second Term of MB Campaner, Arch. Christopher C. dela Cruz was appointed as Committee Chair of the UAP-MCC Architect’s Continuing Education (ACE). Through his chairmanship, the Chapter geared its ACE Focus Projects towards the promotion of the Ecological Solid Waste Management (ESWM) in the context of building design, operations, and maintenance. Several Chapter ACE activities were conducted in partnership with the Solid Waste Management Association of the Philippines (SWAPP) and Ayala Foundation, Incorporated (AFI). Major activities such as the series of ESWM Consultation Workshops, Materials Recovery Facility Design Competition and the US Study Tours (Chicago and Minneapolis) were conducted for the preparation, publication and launching of the Design Manual on ESWM Facilities for Urban Settings. The series of activities involved in this Manual was financially supported by the following: United States – Asia Environmental Partnerships (US-AEP) a program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID); Raon Enterprises International; and the Foundation for Sustainable Society, Inc. (FSSI);

> The Third Term of MB Campaner was another milestone in the Corinthian’s History since this was its 1st time to have a 3-Term Chapter President. His last term was focused on the Promotion of the ESWM Technical Design Manual through several seminars in various organizations and academic institutions. This Manual is now being used by Architects, Building Administrators, Advocacy Groups and Government Agencies as a reference in implementing the RA 9003 Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000. Moreover, the special project on Digital Architecture titled QkeZtimator was launched. This was a computer software program for construction estimates designed by Arch. Nap Mina, Chapter Committee Chair on Information & Communications Technology (ICT). This software was promoted through several seminars conducted in the UAP district events and various academic institutions.

> The final term of the MB Campaner administration marked the harvest time of his governance since several commendations and appreciations were given by UAP (National, District and other Chapters), partner organizations and academic institutions to its various members, officers and the Chapter itself. One of the major distinctions given by the UAP National to the UAP-MCC was the Model Chapter for F.Y. 2003-2004 in recognition of the Chapter’s significant programs, projects and activities. This 1st national award was the product of the Past Chapter Presidents’ guidance, General Membership’s dynamic participation and selfless commitment to service-excellence of Chapter Officers, especially Marcial S. Valencia, Anabel R. Carangan and Christopher C. dela Cruz.

> The 3-presidential term of MB Campaner left the following legacies: Revival and Intensification of a number of programs and projects from past presidencies (Project Networking, Corinthian Updates, Socio-Civic Projects, etc.); Innovation of Chapter Activities (PASKOrinthian, Corinthian Kapihan, Corinthian KKK, etc.); Formulation of Chapter Long-Range Plan; Development of distinctive corporate image design (Event Logos, Backdrops, etc.s); Expansion of Chapter Publication (Corinthian Volutes, Corinthian Acanthus, etc.);  Advancement of the campaign on noble advocacies (ESWM, Digital Architecture, etc.), Institutionalization of the Chapter Recognition of achievements of its members and officers (Gawad Gintong Sibol, Gintong Yabong, Gintong Ani, etc.).

MARC: 2004-2005; 2005-2006
> One of the former Chapter vice presidents, Arch.Marcial S. Valencia, a PLM alumnus, was elected as the 8th Chapter President. His administration intensified the advocacy on Urban Renewal, particularly the Avenida Rizal Architectural Gallery Project or “The ARKI-G Project” which was initiated by the Past Chapter President (PCP) MB Campaner and the Corinthian staunch supporter, En.P. Joel R. Oaña, PIEP. The series of ARKI-G activities (lectures, consultation meetings and workshops) was another milestone for the chapter as it embarked on a project following the theme of MS Valencia administration: “Continuing the Legacy of Excellence through Empowered Corinthian”;
> PCP MB Campaner together with former Chapter Vice President Arch. Dela Cruz spearheaded the formation and the kick-off activity of the UAP Manila Corinthian Architects Camera Club. The kick-off activity of this group was the photo-documentation for the City Government of Manila 2004 Annual Report featuring all the completed Urban Renewal projects. This was participated by Archs. Marcial S. Valencia and Anabel R. Carangan;
> The MS Valencia administration conducted a courtesy call with Councilor Dennis Lacuna of 6th District of Manila for an initial presentation of the Chapter’s professional product: Design Manual on Ecological Solid Waste Management Facilities for Urban Settings. In addition to the complimentary copy of the Design Manual, the Chapter also provided Councilor Lacuna’s office the official copy of Republic Act No. 9266 also known as “The Architecture Act of 2004” together with its Implementing Rules and Regulation (IRR).  This courtesy call was intended to promote ESWM Practices and Architecture Profession in the Legislative Body of Manila;

> To further promote the ESWM Design Manual and its Practices, several lectures were conducted in various academic institutions;
> The MS Valencia administration initiated the Badminton Sports activities;
> It was during this administration that Model Chapter Awards were given for 2 consecutive terms (FY 2004-2005, FY 2006-2007)

ANA: 2006-2007; 2007-2008 
> One of the former Chapter vice presidents, Arch. Anabel R. Carangan-Valencia, a product of PLM, was elected as the 9th Chapter President. Her administration formulated and adopted the following themes: FY 2006-2007:  “Continuing the Empowerment of Corinthian through Solidarity, Leadership and Commitment.”and FY 2007-2008:  Corinthian in Action through Solidarity, Leadership and Commitment.”
> AR Carangan-Valencia innovated and intensified the following: Social Outreach Program (Community Service); Educational Plant Tours; and the advocacy on Green Architecture through dynamic participation in the Green Building Council activities;
> It was during her presidency that the UAP-MCC had been bestowed for the fourth time a UAP National Award as a Model Chapter for 2006-2007. This Award made the chapter attain a status of 4-Consecutive Terms of UAP National Model Chapter.

PAT: 2008-2009; 2009-2010  
Arch. Patrick N. Rodriguez (FY2008-2010), the youngest of all the Chapter presidents,  revived his term the point system in giving discounts to the members' registration fees for the UAP national events and chapter dues. He also passed a chapter resolution exempting past chapter presidents of the UAP MCC from paying their annual chapter dues in honoring the accomplishments they have contributed in the chapter. The Rodriguez administration also strengthen the chapter's social outreach programs through its first Gawad Kalinga project assistance and first thesis consultation for the graduating students of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. He also promoted the chapter's camera club through its digital photography seminar and photoshoot contest. Sports enthusiasts have also been benefited in this administration through series of sports competition conducted.

Committed to its noble advocacy, majority of Corinthians then were serving different Architectural schools in Metro Manila as faculty members. Now, Corinthians have changed. They are no longer based merely in the Academe and the members openly embrace this. 
 AM: 2010-2011
In the presidency of Arch. Pamela Alianza-Constantino, “new” Corinthians are dynamic, diversified and active practitioners in the field of Architecture.  Mentorship paved way to the ideals that theory and practice must go hand and hand. Corinthians live by this ideal.  To further fulfill the advocacy of the UAP-MCC, the present dynamic Board of Directors formulated, designed and continuously embarks on programs that would intensify learning in the vocation and in unison with earning
in the profession.

The Corinthian knew who they are and where they would want to go. Teaching is a gift, and everybody has this inner soul to impart knowledge or share their professional experiences with others. The UAP-Manila Corinthian is pioneer in giving Architects in the Academe the right recognition, in pointing out the importance of this profession: providing mentorship to the future builders of our society.

Therefore, the UAP-MCC fore founders have succeeded in fulfilling the prime objective of its creation. However, the “call” to inspire other Architects, not only in the Academe, in furthering their knowledge and practice still

 VHIC: 2011-2012; 2012-2013

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